A Sky Covered with Dust

A Sky Covered with Dust

As evening shadows deepened,
An unknown tired sad face
Passed through
An unfolding tale,
The violent vision
Cut trough me -
Deep down into my veins,
Lost in obscure frenzy of silence,
The moment of consummation
Was still far off.

I was neither a new leaf,
Nor a coming up crop;
I was only a sequence that evening
In the dust laden sky,
On the path of quest;
amidst terrors of hell,
I adorned myself in abandon
With a bleeding heart
And a yearning for grace.

Gard Aalooda Aasman, 1978 in A Sky of Full of Birds, traduzido por Balraj Komal, Nova Deli: Sahithya Akademi, 1992, p.45

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